Obidos Local Customs

Obidos is known as one of Europe’s most romantic medieval villages. That because of Obidos view. The cobblestone streets, lined with whitewashed houses, brightened up with bougainvillea, and the 12th century castle create a great atmosphere for the locals and for the tourists also. Besides the beauty of the town, the tourists should be interested in Obidos Local Customs. Surely you’ll find interesting activities and things to see and do if you decide to come in Obidos.

Local delicacies and liquers

If you visit Obidos, you must try Ginginha, known also as “Ginjinha”, their local homemade beverage. It is liquor made from alcohol and a fruit similar to cherry, which is both sweet and bitter. It has also a twist of cinnamon. Even if ginginha is a traditional Portuguese drink, it is typical for Lisbon, Alcobaca and Obidos. In Obidos, ginginha is even more special, due to the fact that you may drink it by a chocolate cup. That gives it a better taste in the end. Also, because of the ginginha’s importance for the locals, they try to design an exclusive Obidos glass for it. Probably, the origin of ginginha dates after the conquest of the Moors, in 1148, which meant the advent of liberalism and the amont of fruits. This liquor is a digestive drink, natural and smooth. People from Obidos are also appreciated for the homemade biscuits, cakes and sweets. These are sold at the main entrance of the town, there where the tourists arrive. For example, you can try the biscuits with peanuts. They can seem to you a little bit hard and sweet, but they are delicious, trust me!

The importance of ceramics in Obidos

Obidos means also ceramics. From the first moment you enter in town you will see a very beautiful piece of ceramic art, respectively the main gate of Obidos, the “Porta da Vila”. This edifice was built in 1700s and it was dedicated to Our Lady of Piety. The custom of doing ceramic has its origin back in the Moorish occupation. The locals are appreciated for their work and their talent and that’s why they sell all kind of souvenirs during the fairs and the festivals organized in the town. Also, you can buy local ceramics from the shops opened on the main street (Rua Direita).

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After I presented you Obidos Local Customs, I expect you to see them with your own eyes!

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