Notable people born in Setubal

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So, you’re wandering whether to come or not in Setubal. It may be a hard decision or not at all, it depends on what you’re looking for. Maybe if I present you some notable people born in Setubal I’ll help you to make up your mind. Sometimes, a famous person that we admire or simply like may decide the location of our vacation. You  will be surprised to find out the name of some residents or citizens of Setubal. I don’t want to keep you in suspense, so, let’s begin:

Jose Murinho

The sports fans and not only know Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix, or most commonly known as Jose Mourinho or the Special One. Presently, he is the head coach of Real Madrid, but he worked at many other teams, like Internazionale Milano, FC Porto, or FC Chelsea. He is considered to be one of the best coaches in the world, from all times. In his career, he won seven national championships, twice the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cupa Once. Jose Mourinho is not a very pleasant figure and he is not very lovable. That because he is very arrogant and he has common disputes with his opponents or the arbiters. But its professional merits can not be argued.

Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage

Pen ©

Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage was a Portuguese Neoclassic poet who wrote under the pen name Elmano Sadino. He is known in whole world, and not only in Setubal, where he was born, because of his poems, his journeys or his live. His experience in prison was transposed in his verses, together with other themes, like irony, eroticism, pain or revolt. All the pieces of  and about Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage can be seen in Casa Bocage – a museum-house dedicated to this artist.

Lima de Freitas

Lima de Freitas was a painter, a Portuguese designer and essayist who has illustrated more than a hundred books. Also, he was the author of texts and pictures of philosophical and esoteric nature, related with the hidden history of Portugal.Lima de Freitas studied at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa and received some important prizes during his live. I mention The Medal of Honor of Setubal, Chevalier et Officier de l’Ordre du Merite, by the French Government, or Saint James of the Sword, a Portuguese order of Chivalry.

Now that I have presented you some notable people born in Setubal, it’s your turn to find out more about this lovely city and about its residents. For more information you can access

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