Nightlife in Lisbon

For many, the sunset in Lisbon does not mean the end of the day but the beginning of a dream night, full of parties and fun. Nightlife in Lisbon offers endless possibilities of having fun. From beach parties to thematic night clubs or ancient cafeterias, Lisbon is without any doubt also the Portuguese capital of entertainment.

It all starts with a coffee

Portuguese have the habit of dinning late, around 8.30pm. So, before going to a fancy restaurant, you should stop for a coffee in some of the most beautiful and relaxing coffee-houses, some of them dating from centuries ago. For example, you can serve a great coffee and also admire an Art Nouveau masterpiece at Café a Brasileira. Opened in 1905, the cafe-house was a regular place for intellectuals of that period and the favorite spot of the famous Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa. In his honor, outside Café a Brasileira, you can find a statue of him. You can also read a book or check your Lisbon guide in some of the international coffee-bars brands such as Starbucks or Hard Rock Café or exquisite Portuguese  coffee-houses like No Chiado, Pois, Royale.

Stopping at a restaurant

Picking a restaurant in Lisbon might not be an easy task as one might think. There are so many choices depending on your budget, the location and especially the time you decide to have dinner, so it would be better to make a reservation just to be sure you will find a free table. A complete guide of restaurants in Lisbon can be found at My favorite restaurant is Gambrinus that serves Portuguese cuisine, especially sea food, in an elegant and exquisite atmosphere. The 70 years restaurant is also a beer house, as one can observe from its name.

Checking out the clubs

The perfect way of ending a beautiful night is in one of the various Lisbon clubs. Many wealthy youngsters chose Lux club, one of the best and exclusive clubs in town. The atmosphere is great, the music is awesome, the customers are glamorous and the prices tend to reflect that. Most important, the club belongs to the Hollywood star John Malkovich. Those who prefer live music and a warm and colored atmosphere should stop by at Paradise Garage. The best club in town to listen to famous international and Portuguese bands, Paradise Garage tends to become really crowded during the week-ends. House music has its place among the clubs in Lisbon. One of the most popular house clubs is OP ART, café-house in the day, the place transforms into a club and is opened till morning. If you cannot imagine leaving the beach even for the night, then you would be pleased to find out that there are a couple of beach parties that tend to set the atmosphere on fire. Canopies, cocktails, fireworks and DJ music are only a few of the ingredients for a night to remember.


So, whether you chose a restaurant, a bar or a club, the decision is definitely a good one. All you have to do is bring your happy spirit with you and enjoy the diversity of flavors,

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