Nightlife in Coimbra

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Coimbra, like most of the cities, transforms during the night. The atmosphere in Coimbra is animated by the great number of students. That because they really know how to have fun. Actually, the fame of the University led to the construction of many bars, restaurants or clubs. Most of these locations are situated around the Old Cathedral, but don’t worry the locals are friendly and they will point you the right direction or they even can recommend you a few good bars. Until your arrival here let me present you some information about Nightlife in Coimbra: 

l  A Capella

A Capella is a cocktail bar situated in a  transformed 14th century church, on Largo Vitoria. It is illuminated by candles, a fact that create an intimate atmosphere, and here you can listen live music, performed by the top fado musicians of Coimbra. They like to play their music here because of the great acoustics of the church. You will love the fado music, trust me, and if you are a fan you can observe the difference between Coimbra’s Fado and Lisbon’s fado.  A Capella is opened daily 1pm to 3 am and it offers nightly performances at 09:30, 10:30 and 11:30 pm, with a 5 EUR cover charge. Also, the location worth a visit due to its reasonable drink prices.

l  Via Latina

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Via Latina is one of the most famous and beautiful discos in Coimbra. It is situated in the University area and it is always full of students. That is a very good thing because their cheerfulness and their youth will make you feel nice and certainly you will have a great time here. During the week the owners of the disco organize college parties and during the weekend famous DJs perform for the crowd.

l  Bar Bigorna

If you come in Coimbra you should definitely have a drink in Bar Bigorna. It is situated in the historic area of the city and despite of the fact that it is small, it is very appreciated by the tourists, the students and the locals. That because of the reasonable prices and the music. Here plays both modern an alternative music.

I’ve showed you only a part of the nightlife in Coimbra, you should discover the rest. However, for more information you can access

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