New Year ’s Eve in Portugal

Let me begin by wishing all of you, friends of Portugal Wanderer a happy New Year, full of satisfaction and accomplishments! I hope you will remain with us during 2012 and you will find new reasons for visiting our wonderful Portugal! I do not know how you have celebrated the passing of the year 2011 and the welcoming of a new year but let me tell you that in Portugal the party was more glittering than ever. Curious to find out how Portuguese partied during the New Year’s Eve in Portugal? Then, here we go!

Portugal, the party center of Europe

During the winter holidays, Portugalis without any doubt the party center of Europe, thus, celebrating New Year’s Eve in this part of Europe is a really big thing. Preparations are made from the fall because everything has to be perfect for the year to come. Tourists are the most spoiled of all, of course since special arrangements are made by all the tourist’ providers: restaurants, hotels, agencies and the options can really be dazzling: from traditional dinners in the best restaurants of Lisbon, Porto or Madeira to exuberant parties in the fanciest clubs of Portugal, New Year’s Eve is the time to embrace the future with optimism and lots of happiness. Some of the best original New Year’s Eve parties in Portugal take place on the board of Douro cruises, other right in the center of our biggest cities. It is without any doubt an unforgettable experience that you must treasure together with your closest friends. And what is the New Year’s Eve party without the colorful and spectacular fireworks, every year the inspiration theme is different so prepare for a big surprise!

Portuguese traditions and superstitions for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is not only a time of evaluating yourself, figuring out what you could do better, but it is also a time of thinking with joy and hope of the year to come. This is probably the best thing about New Year’s Eve, it does not matter how difficult this one was, it matters how great the next one will be! And since we spoke about what matters to Portuguese in this magical night, then let me tell you some of their superstitions and traditions. It is a Portuguese custom to eat 12 grapes, one minute before the clock strikes twelve. Every grape is a month of the year and you can make a wish every time you eat one. Also, make sure the next year catches you with money in your pocket, a sign of prosperity and wealth. Another interesting tradition is chasing evil spirits away with loud sounds thus; Portuguese people have the habit of beating up pots and pans for this to happen.

Those who have already spent New Year’s Eve in Portugal agree with me when I say that you will never get to experience a dull moment. Those who dream of celebrating 2013 in one of our beautiful and unique cities should definitely start making preparations in time. Where to get the best accommodation options? We will discover this in our next post.

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