Must see festivals and fairs (Obidos)

When people visit a foreign country they want to see something unique and different,  something to make their journey worth to be remembered. What makes Obidos so special to tell you about is its  intimacy, being a small town, with a beautiful community of people. That’s why the events organized here are always appreciated by the residents or by the visitors. So, if you decide to come in Obidos, you Must see festival and fairs that take place here during the year.

The International Chocolate Festival

The International Chocolate Festival is one of the most important events in Obidos and one of the biggest of this type organized in the world. It takes place over 11 days, period over which people can participate at different activities. Every year,  over 200.000 visitors come to this festival, to try different kinds of chocolate and other sweets, to participate at cooking courses or many workshops or only to watch other persons competing for the prizes offered during the event. The contests concern The International Contest of the Chocolate Recipes, Chocolatier of the year or Chocolate window displays. Also, the children can visit “Kids’ Chocolate House”, where they prepare several recipes or they attend entertaining and educational activities.

This year’s edition takes place during 2-nd and 25 March, so if you like chocolate or if you just want to have fun you should come in Obidos this time of year.

Obidos Medieval Market

If you are in the area at the right time of year, you may also participate at the annual medieval fair, known also as Obidos Medieval Market, which usually takes place in July. It lasts about two weeks and it cross all over the town. This event recreates the atmosphere of medieval Europe. During the festival, the streets are occupied by market vendors, who sell medieval crafts and souvenirs from stalls and of course medieval-style food. Likewise, visitors can be part of a costumed parade or they can watch different medieval shows, horse displays or armed battle between knights. Let’s not forget the medieval music, which is very pleasant.

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The small town of Obidos has much more to offer than these two events, but in my opinion they are the most interesting ones. But you guys must come visit Obidos and form your own opinion. Then, we can share information.

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