Must do’s for visitors in Porto

Every city has its own particular characteristics that distinguish it, elements of pride for the inhabitants and famous attractions for the visitors. Registered as a World Heritage by UNESCO, Portohas many fascinating aspects that stir the interest of the tourists. If you are curious to discover the symbols of Porto you can pick between finding out as many things about them from various information materials or exploring them  yourself while visiting Porto.

Porto wine

One of the most important and representative symbols of this wonderful city is Porto wine. Cultivated in Douro Valley, Porto wines are the best reward a tourist can receive for coming to Portugal. So, try to experience the unique taste of the fortified Porto wine in its various forms, as much as you can. Whether you prefer the flavored and intense red Vintage Porto or the light Tawny Porto, Porto wine is a must after a nice Portuguese meal. If you plan on visiting Porto and the nearby regions, make sure you have enough time to pass by Oporto wineries where you can discover for yourself the secrets behind this successful type of wine and most of all, taste some wine. Porto Barros, Quinta de la Rosa, Ferreira Port or Adriano Ramos Pinto are some of the oldest and most welcoming vineyards in Porto.

Rabelo Boat

Dating back to the 10th century, rabelos boats were used for transporting Porto wine casks over Douro river. The shape of this antique flat-bottom boat, which represents its main attraction was actually meant to overcome the obstacle encountered while crossing the river. The Portuguese are so fond of their riverside symbol that they even organize a rabelos race that takes place during the festivities dedicated to the days of their city.

F.C Porto

If you are an enthusiastic football fan and you are familiar with the biggest football teams in Europe, then you must have hear of F.C Porto. The football team, founded in 1893 is among the famous symbols of Porto and a major reason of pride for all of the city’s dwellers. F.C Porto won the national championship for 25 times and is one of the few international football teams and the only one in Portugal that received in 1987 three international titles at the same time. If you want to feel like a Portistas or Dragao (the nick names of the Portuguese supporters), then stop for a visit at the Estadio do Dragao (Porto’s home stadium) and at the club’s museum and admire more than 20 trophies displayed for the public.

Portois a fascinating city that presents every step of the way numerous reasons to return over and over again. We tried to highlight in this article only a few of the most representative icons of this city and I hope they managed to increase your interest and determine you to embark on a trip to Porto.

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