Most visited museums in Evora

Have you ever wondered why it is so vital to have a museum in the city where you live? As years pass and times change, it is important to leave a cultural and traditional legacy to the generations that will follow us. Thus, they will have the chance to find out more about our ways of living and of the values we cherish. Keeping this in mind, Most visited museums in Evora invites you to a journey back in time, a journey to the depths of a historical gem. We will reveal some of the secrets of the museum of Evora andToyMuseum.

The museum of Evora

It is impossible to visit Evora without stopping to admire fascinating pieces of art displayed in the small but charming Museumof Evora. This is without any doubts, one of the most visited museums in Evora. You will have the chance to discover more than twenty thousands of impressive works of art dating from the period of Gothic times to the Roman and Portuguese Empire. The most important pieces of art that should not be missed are a statue from the 2nd century AC made in bronze and Anta Grande do Zambujeiro (one of the largest megalithic monuments in the Iberian Peninsula dating to the middle of the 3rd millennia BC). The museum is in permanent transformation, always bringing artistic motives for its visitors to come back every time they have the chance. Frequently, exhibitions of well known artists are brought to Evora and special events are created to celebrate them. Evora Museum provides an impressive number of books for passionate readers. More than 4000 volumes approaching Art History, Archeology and Museology can be browsed in Évora Museum Library. There are so many strong reasons for visiting Evora Museum, that I can only invite you warmly to discover its secrets as soon as possible. You can easily find themuseum ofEvora in the city center, the price of a ticket being EUR 4 for adults.

ToysMuseum(Museu do Brinquedo)

Everybody loves toys regardless of their age. If you are visiting Evora then, you will have the chance to admire and even play with the toys displayed in Toys Museum. Located in Parque Infantil, Toys Museum brings forward a diverse collection of thousands of pieces of Portuguese toys and many more brought from Europe. Visiting Toys Museum will for sure be great surprises for your kids so do not miss this cheerful opportunity especially with the approach of the winter holidays.

Evora itself has been called the City Museum as every step you take brings you closer to discovering the unforgettable ancient legends. Every corner in Evora has stories of heroes who had fought for its glory and beauty and every piece of art hides an artistic dream. Cherish everything you see and try to understand it as best as you can because it might be a part of your own history.

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