Most interesting tours around Batalha

Due to the fact that Batalha is a small town, which can be visited one day only, most of the tourists choose to go also in nearby Fatima, Alcobaca or Nazare. Therefore, if you want to find out more about Leiria District in Portugal and if you are willing to see a lot of beautiful things here Most interesting tours around Batalha:

The town of Alcobaca

A few kilometers to the south of Batalha is located the town of Alcobaca. The main objectif of this location is the Monastery, known as Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaca. It is the largest church in Portugal. Also, it was the first building in the country which adopted the Gothic style and one of the most prestigious abbeys in medieval Europe. The construction of the Monastery began in the 12th century, to commemorate the victory of Dom Afonso Henriques against the Moors, and it was inaugurated in 1252. Besides the interior of the abbey, you will be fascinated by its gardens. Another interesting thing to see in Alcobaca is the old still houses. If you are lucky to be in the town in the right time of the year you can participate at major events, such as the Carnaval de Alcobaca (in February), The Music Festival (in May) or the Municipal holiday (on August 20).

Nazare – the fishing town

 To the west of Alcobaca is situated the small town of Nazare, the most famous fishing location in Portugal. It is believed that the name of Nazare was given by a statue of the Virgin Mary brought to town by a monk from Nazareth in the 4th century. The most interesting objectives in Nazare are the Capela da Memoria, a 12th century chapel founded on a legend about the salvation of a nobleman by Virgin Mary. The chapel contains also an inscription that commemorates the visit of Vasco da Gamma in the town, for thanking to Our Lady of Nazareth for his safe return from the voyage in India. A panoramic view of Nazare can be seen from Sitio. You should not leave this little town without seeing Nossa Senhora da Nazare Church.

Fatima – the religious town

The town of Fatima is located to the east of Batalha and it is known as the most religious place in Portugal. It is a point of pilgrimage for the Catholics ever since the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children. They had the same vision for six months, on the day of 13th.  But you may visit Fatima even if you are not a religious person. Some of the objectives that you can see here are the Chapel of the Apparitions and the Wax Museum. 

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I hope that Most interesting tours around Batalha got your interest in visiting Leiria District.

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