Modern architecture in Lisbon

Lisbon is without any doubt a fantastic place to visit, a city that acknowledged over the time how to treasure its glorious past and respect its history but also understood the importance of moving forward and leaving something for the generations to come. The modern architecture in Lisbon that one can easily observe in many parts of the city is without any doubt an example of the fact that Portuguese know how to value their space and impress the eye of its visitors not only with ancient monuments, but also with impressive high towers or fancy, futuristic designs.


The design and construction of this true sea monument perfectly reflects the lines of a modern architectural style contrasting the classical basis displayed by the surrounding old places. The name of the architect that created the design and the architecture is Peter Chermayeff. The largest Oceanarium in Europe will not only impress you with the great variety of species that inhabit here (more than 16,000 animals and plants) but also with its aircraft carrier form and the interior design, meant to place into evidence the ocean’s ecosystem.

Vasco da Gama Tower

Named after the famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama Tower is far from being an ordinary tower. Starting with its steel structure that is displayed in shape of a caravel (one of the oldest types of Portuguese ships) and continuing with the fact that nowadays, the tower is being expanded into a fabulous luxury 20 floor hotel (Sana Torre Vasco da Gama Royal Hotel), Vasco da Gama Tower should definitely be an attraction on your traveling list. Imagine the tower is 145 meter high and it represents the highest structure in Lisbon. Isn’t that something!

Lisbon’s Casino

I do not know if you enjoy gambling or trying your luck at some of the most attractive slot machines or maybe you just like to bet it all on just one number, but Lisbon’s Casino should also be visited for architectural reasons. Made of glass and steel at the exterior, the casino appeals mostly to the younger generation, mostly contemporary and simple lines with few glamorous details, Lisbon Casino is place where people should enjoy them. The casino’s concept belonged to Fernando Jorge Ferreira while the construction took place on the foundation of the former Pavilion of the Future.

Vasco da Gama Bridge, Gara do Oriente, Belem Cultural Center are also representative for the new Portuguese architectural style that is spread in some parts of the city. New neighborhoods with glass tower buildings (Twin Towers) and curious shapes complete the traditional monuments, revealing the tourists the modern architecture in Lisbon.

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