Mistakes tourists make in Lisbon

Consciously or not, sometimes tourists decide to ignore many of the travelling advices they read on different magazines or websites, thinking they know better how to act while being in a different European country or city. After all what could be so different? Well, first of all you should keep in mind that every culture is different and has its own characteristics, traditions, and habits and though you might not understand it you definitely have to respect it. “Mistakes tourists make in Lisbon” will try to present some of the issues you should remember while visiting the capital of Portugal.

Spanish is not the official language of Portugal

One of the biggest mistakes one can make while being in Portugal is confusing data regarding the city where she/he is, the capital of the country she/he is visiting and very important the language of that country. Though you might think Spanish and Portuguese are quite similar languages let me tell you that you are mistaken. If you want to show your gratitude and respect to different people you meet in Portugal (waiters, hotel managers, shop assistants) do it by learning a few simple words like obrigado (thank you). If you find it too difficult then, speak English, but do not create a mixture of languages because most Portuguese might feel offended.

Take into consideration the travel advises

Of course one of the greatest advices one can receive is to actually respect the travel advices and not only listen to them. For example the usual travel card one sees in most of the European capitals can be really useful if you are thinking of visiting the city’s attractions. Lisboa card is quite a handy instrument that offers ticket discounts for entering museums, exhibitions, castles and even for traveling with public transportation. Though many might find it a waste of money and time trust me it is not. If you make a few calculations you will see that Lisboa card was made to help you save money and energy. Also, try to avoid the touristy restaurants. Sure the prices are quite low but most of the times so is the quality of the food. So be sure what is more important to you. Another important thing is to have an identification card with you all the time. It is best to avoid any unpleasant situation, especially with the police, since you are in a holiday. Also, take a city map with you no matter where you go.

These are of course only a few of the advices one should take into consideration while visiting the cities of Portugal. But I hope that “Mistakes tourists make in Lisbon” convinced you that it is always best to get informed on the culture and daily habits of the people you are planning on visiting. You might be surprised how situations like those mentioned above might affect your good mood and joyful spirit.

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