Madeira nightlife

Visiting the main attraction of Madeira or spending quality time on the beach, sunbathing or surfing are only a few of the wonders that Madeira offers to its tourists, the other part means getting to know the nightlife of the islands. So, here are a few suggestions of the best bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants that will spice up your night.

Restaurants and café

A perfect night cannot start on an empty stomach. If you are thinking of having a late dinner before getting to know the Madeira nightlife then, you might need some suggestion on some of the most popular places to eat in Funchal. So, here are a few of the best restaurants in the capital of Madeira. Armazen do Sal is a great place appreciated by everyone who came here at least one time. Although it was a former salt warehouse, the owner managed with a touch of inspiration to transform it into a romantic place. You can try from the starters shrimps “Al Ajillo” in garlic and butter to lamb main course or duck, as everything is delicious. Another great place to eat in Funchal is Restaurante Mozart, located in the old town area. Here, you can have a complete menu, including wine at the price of 35 EUR per person. Regarding café-bars, Café do Teatro is a really nice place where you can relax, either by the terrace or inside. There are many events organized here during the season period so you should check it out.

Bars and clubs

I do not know about you, but when I travel to a place for the first time I like to experience a bit of everything and try to live like a local. So, ever though I bet your day was full with visiting the main attraction of the islands or spending time on a beach, you have to make time for the most interesting and exciting part of the holiday, the bars and the clubs of the region. After a fancy dinner the best place to energize yourself is in a bar. White House Pub, Joe’s Bar or Moynihans are among the best choices you can make. At this time you might be in a dilemma: going home and preparing for the next day, that will probably be as exciting as this one, or pushing your limits forward and checking out the clubs. For those who like to take a challenge here are a few of the best clubs in Funchal that will increase your adrenaline and make you dance till morning: Kool, Copacabana, The Pier or Vespas.

Regardless of our age or of the budget we have, experiencing a bit of the Madeira nightlife is not so bad, especially since we are on a vacation and thus, we should live life to the fullest. The choices are numerous, all you need to do is bring your happy spirit with you and go out.


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