Horse riding on the Silver Coast

White lusitano horse, ©phoosh/Flickr

The sport of horse riding has been a cultural tradition for a very long time here on the Silver Coast. Its beginning dates back before the age of the Roman Empire. Portugal always had trained top-class horse riders who were internationally recognized to be among the best. They are also famous for the Lusitano horses, a Portuguese breed. Today Lusitano horses are trained to compete in all kinds of games and contests, such as the Olympics and dressage competitions. There are many opportunities on the Silver Coast for horse riding. There are classes for beginners and places for a great horse ride for the experienced riders as well. Visit the Silver Coast and ride off into the sunset on the white sandy shore.

The beginning of horse riding

Lusitano horses are animals of a noble breed which originate back to ancient times. There are several cave paintings in this region which prove that this is the first part of the world where saddle-horses first appeared.

Lusitano head, ©Daisyree Bakker/Flickr

Visit the location of the very beginning, where the first real horse riders trained their horses. You can choose the countryside or one of the beaches to go for a ride, either way it will be a wonderful experience. Tune out all the stress and worries of life by going for a horse ride and just enjoying the Silver Coast view and the unspoiled coast of the Atlantic.

Horse riding tours

All along the Silver Coast you will find many companies that offer horse riding trips and tours. One of these companies can be found in the outskirts of Obidos. It is called the Associaçao Hipica O Cavalo which offers trail riding for skilled horse riders (information can be acquired on this number: 964 473 634). For beginners we recommend Escola Equestre Lusitana, a horse riding school where you can take classes and improve your horse riding skills. The place can be very crowded so we suggest you to book your appointment in advance on the following number: 912 171 731.

Horse Riding, ©chippenziedeutch/Flickr

National Horse Fair

The horse capital of the country can be found in Golega, a town not far from the Silver Coast. The economy if the town is completely based on breeding these fine Portuguese Lusitano horses and wine producing. Every year in the month of November a National Horse Fair is held here, called the Feira Nacional do Cavalo. If you are a horse rider, breeder or just a person who simply loves horses this is the place you need to be.

White lusitano horse, ©phoosh/Flickr

The legend of the centaur

The Iberian horse riders who rode the Lusitano horses were very skilled and qualified. Being so agile and very swift they are said to be the inspiration for the legend of the centaurs. The myth has its origins in the valley near the Tagus River. Lusitanos are indeed a pure breed of horses for it is said that all true Lusitanos come from a lineage of just one mare and five stallions.

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