Having fun in Obidos

Even if Obidos is a small town, with 3.100 inhabitants, and despite the fact that the locals keep a village atmosphere, here one can find a lot of possibilities to spend the time. In order to convince you of the beauties that this town offers, I’ll show you that Having fun in Obidos is not hard at all.

Museums and Galleries

First of all, when one arrives in Obidos, he is interested in knowing the town. The best way to do that is strolling on the cobbled streets, both day and night. If you are impressed by its beauty during the day, you will be enchanted if you visit it in the night. The lights that illuminate the walls of the castle are magnificent, creating a romantic scene and a proper atmosphere for walking. Behind the main gate of the town there are stairs that lead up the medieval walls and you can walk across the old walls. From here you can see a great view of the town. But, if you are tired of strolling on the narrow streets, you can have cultural or relaxing activities. For those who prefer the first choice, they can visit the museums and the galleries from Obidos. One of the most important objectives is the Municipal Museum. You can not leave the small town without visiting it. In this museum, which is situated in a town hall on Saint Mary’s Square, you can see a beautiful collection of archeological finds, paintings dating 14th to the 18th centuries and sculptures. There is also Parish Museum. It is situated outside the Town Gate and it represents a very important part of Obidos patrimony. This edifice was built in 1309, by the Holy Queen Isabel, to help the victims of leprosy during the middle Ages. You should know that it is opened every day, except for Mondays. If you love the Contemporary Art, the Pelourinho House Gallery is the right place for you to go. The main objective of this gallery is to support and promote the talented artists. Another place of this type in Obidos is Nova Ogiva Gallery.

Bars, cafes and other ways to spend your time in Obidos

In Obidos you can have a great number of bars and cafes where you can have a drink. Unfortunately for those who are looking for an interesting nightlife it does not exist in Obidos. One of the most beautiful locations where you can go during the night is Cave do Vale “Toupeiro” – a beautiful typical house, situated in the centre of the town, where you descend to the basement and enter in small rooms. Here you can have a giginha or a “Toupeiro”, which is the specialty of the house. If you want a great ambiance you should go at Real Taverna. This bar is situated under an arch and it is decorated in a medieval style. During the summer, on the streets of Obidos is played medieval music, and people go out dancing. If you prefer more entertaining activities you can go surfing, fishing or taking a bath in Obidos Lagoon, for example.

I presented you only a few ways of Having fun in Obidos. You can discover the rest!

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