Four reasons to see Aveiro

The old train station of Aveiro, ©J-Cornelius/Flickr

Aveiro captures the perfect essence of a wonderful picture-book destination. This beautiful district ravished with its alleys paved with cobblestone, elegant architecture from the 19th century and picturesque gondola-shaped vessels. It is a place where new meets old, modern meets traditional. Aveiro of Portugal is situated in the sub-region called Baixo Vouga, which lies between mountainous surrounding districts and the Atlantic Ocean.  What makes Aveiro’s landscape so rich, are the amazing estuaries, gardens, parks and sandy shores. Aveiro was founded originally during the time of Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor. Today it is one of Portugal’s most fascinating cities.

“Venice of Portugal”

Aveiro is often called as “Venice of Portugal” since this charming city is crossed by a glimmering canal therefore it is considered one of the most enchanting destinations in Portugal. The boats that cross the canal, called “moliceiros”, are brightly patterned, which line up in front of the cities pastel-tinted structures built in Art Nouveau style. Aveiro’s calm and peaceful atmosphere serves as a scenic backdrop on your holiday.

Aveiro, the `Portuguese Venice’, ©Teleyinex/Flickr

Have fun in Central Aveiro

In the central region of Aveiro is located the must see Mercado do Peixe, a conventional fish market that gives place to Aveiro’s best seafood restaurants. The facility has a great variety of dining places and a fun selection of shops and bars which are all very close to each other. While strolling in the city you can stop at any of the traditional caffes and taste the delightful ovos moles, a local delicacy, based on eggs and sugar. Also make sure you try out one of the BUGA bicycles, which can be hired free of charge. Have fun and ride along the shimmering canal of Aveiro and its colourful streets and visit its top attractions.

The old train station of Aveiro, ©J-Cornelius/Flickr

Discover the seaside of Ílhavo

If you go further into the region you will find the beautiful city of Ílhavo. The city represents the ever-growing maritime heritage of Aveiro and is home to the Vista Algere, an internationally acknowledged porcelain factory. Visit the oldest lighthouse in Portugal, in the city of Praia da Barra. Stop by Praia da Costa Nova and find Aveiro’s multicolored and iconic striped houses. Like all the shores of Portugal the beaches in Ílhavo are also excellent sites to enjoy water sports and take photo shoots.

Pleasant surprises in Arouca

Beautiful nature at Arouca, ©Cláudio Franco/Flickr

The town of Arouca is mostly famous for its ‘convent sweets’, an exquisite fineness. Enjoy a traditional meal made of piglet meat and a regional wine called Barriada in the southern city of Mealhad. Highlight you holiday and experience perfect relaxation in Curia and Luso, two antique towns famous for their marvelous natural beauty and hot springs.

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