Finest wines of the Silver Coast

Cabernet Sauvignon, ©bigbirdz/Flickr

Every country and region has their own traditions and customs when it comes to wine producing. In our case, the Silver Coast has a long history on this matter. Producers in this region have combined all kinds of varieties of grapes to attain their distinctive, special tasted Portuguese wines.

Vineyards from the Silver Coast are influenced by the Atlantic weather and numerous micro-climates that take allow the grapes to develop special and unique characteristics. If you are an expert in wine tasting or just want to enjoy some quality beverages, visit the Silver Coast and taste the finest wines of Portugal.

Unique and rare

The Silver Coast has produced large quantities of wine until about 20 years ago when it started to produce really high quality wine such as the famous and popular Bucelas and the Colares, also popular but rare. Since that time an investment program has started and the area has been restructured: new varieties of grapes have been planted which were chosen for their good quality. Today the Silver Coast has the best and unbeatable wine that combines price and high-quality.

Vineyards at Portugal, ©Carnaval King/Flickr

Mix and produce

When the wine region of the Silver Coast has been restructured producers started to focus on producing wines that blend together local, Portuguese noble grapes with grape varieties from other countries. Investors mostly put their money into areas like Torres Verdas, Arruda, Alenquer and Óbidos. Today’s best local wines are the results of varieties of red grape such as Tinta Miúda, Trincadeira, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Castelão. Sometimes these wines are blend together with Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante Bouschet, Syrah grapes or Touriga Franca. White wines in the Silver Coast are usually made from Seara-Nova, Vital grape, Arinto and sometimes Chardonnay.

The finest

After the city of Lisbon has expanded and started to become more and more urbanized, it also affected some wine-growing regions such as Bucelas, Colares and Carcavelos, where wines are almost on the brink of extinction. Some of these wines are still produced in this region but only in small quantities. Bucelas is a white wine that is mainly made from Arinto grape. Arinto grapes have a reputation known worldwide. During the Napoleonic Wards the English court highly favored it. These grapes are much loved for their floral aromas and their ability to remain of good quality for years.

Cabernet Sauvignon, ©bigbirdz/Flickr

So if you are a person who appreciates quality wines, the Silver Coast is the place where you need to go!

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