Famous people born in Porto

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In my opinion, knowing the history of a town makes it more interesting and our journey more beautiful. Other than getting information about the touristic attractions it is very important to know something about the persons that were born or  lived here. In this post I’ll present you some famous people born in Porto: 

Fernao de Magalhaes (Ferdinand Magellan)

I’m sure that few people know that Ferdinand Magellan, the famous navigator, lived and studied in Porto. Also, it is said that Magellan was born in Porto. There are not enough evidences to support this information, but there are some rumors, so it might be true. Magellan is considered to be the first circumnavigation of the earth, even if he didn’t finish his journey. The voyage initiated by Ferdinand Magellan was very important for the development of the geographic exploration.

Bruno Alves

FC Porto © nopsa.hiit.fi

The football fans will love to find out that Bruno Alves, one of the best Portuguese football players, was born in Porto. For the moment, Alves plays for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, in Russia, but he spent a great part of his career at FC Porto, the local team. Also it is a very important player of the national team, being a central defender. He is not as famous as Cristiano Ronaldo, but he earns a lot of money in Russia, where his qualities are appreciated.

Francisco Vieira

Francisco Vieria, also known as Vieira Portuense, was a painter born in Porto. He was one of the painters that introduced the Neoclassicism in Portuguese paintings and one of the greatest painters of his time, together with Domingos Sequeira. His works can be seen at the National Museum Soares dos Reis in Porto and at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon.

 Manoel de Oliveira

Those who are not so much into films, especially European ones, might not know the film director Manoel Candido Pinto de Oliveira. He is very famous in whole Portugal and not only. Besides his works, Oliveira is known for the fact that it is the oldest active director in the world. During his activity, the Portuguese won a lot of awards, including two career Golden Lions from the Venice Film Festival. Therefore, we may say that it is one of Porto’s reasons of pride.

Hopefully, I managed to get your interest into most famous people born in Porto and that you learned something new about this wonderful town. However, if you want to know more about this subject you can access www.wolframalpha.com

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