Exploring Portugal

Located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, opened towards the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal was called by Luiz Vaz de Camoes (Portuguese writer), the place “where the land ends and the sea begins”. Mountainous in the north, reaching the highest pick at Mount Pico with 2351 meters, enriched with fields in the center and southern regions, Portugal has the perfect landscape for an adventurous and unforgettable journey. So prepare to be amazed at every step!

 Exploring Portugal   – Overview

Eager to leave the continental region of Portugaland explore the beauty and pleasures of the sea? Nothing simpler.
Under the hot and friendly sun of the Iberian Peninsula, lie two islands, part
of Portuguese territory: Azores (2,333 sq km) and Madeira Islands (828 sq km).
Half deserted beaches, volcanic rocks, natural surroundings remained unspoiled,
or wide and fine sands, blue and azure waters? Well Exploring Portugal gives you an insight into the magic of the sea and the beauty of the beaches.

 Exploring Portugal   – People

You cannot know a country unless you know its people. What can we say about
the followers of brave and daring conquerors and explorers? The venturesome and
innovative spirit continues to remain a characteristic of the Portuguese people, mostly reflected in creating the best conditions for the tourists that visit their country. You do not speak Portuguese? Do not worry, most of the Portuguese speak English, making it
even easier for you to get acquainted with them, getting to know their culture and way of life. People are really friendly and warm, always willing to help you.
Exploring Portugal is also a synonym to having a lot of fun. Portuguese people like to party a lot, their carnivals being similar to the samba carnivals in Brazil. From the Festival of the Holly Week, Festa de Sao Jao (Sao Jao Party), to the carnival organized in February, Portuguese people enjoy living their lives to the full.

 Exploring Portugal   – Accomodation


So you have decided that Portugal is definitely the place to be and to visit. Where should you stay? I bet you would prefer enjoying a unique and unforgettable experience, not just inhabiting a hotel. The luxurious and historical hotels, the refined atmosphere that conquers all your senses, the variety of colors and styles will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. The five stars retreat, Reid’s Palace, located in Funchal, Madeira was built in 1891 and hosted Wiston Churcill, George Bernard Show and even their royal majesties Edward the VIIIth and Elisabeth of Austria. And if you are still not convinced enough, imagine you can choose from more than 1500 hotels, tourist villages or campuses, all built for your convenience and enjoyment. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, romance or with your family, you will no doubt find something to fit your needs.


One can say, thus, Portugalis an amazing choice for everyone. If “Exploring Portugalstirred your curiosity you can find out more about this wonderful country with a quick glance on Portugal & Spain  and Visit Portugal.

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