Discover the Quinta da Regaleira near Sintra


If I were to have time for only one trip outside Lisbon, I would definitely take into consideration the wonderful city of Sintra. Discovering the Quinta da Regaleira near Sintra will for sure be an incredible journey for all of you. We have already mentioned the gardens of Regaleira, true oasis of relaxation, far away from the city. This post will focus more on the Palace of Quinta da Regaleira because the spot is absolutely amazing and you will hardly have any time to get bored.

General architectural view

The Palace of Quinta da Regaleira impresses the public with its unique combination of Romantic and Gothic style, with some architectural lines considered by some a little bit eccentric. The palace has five floors, each of them with its own unique style. You can admire the bedroom of the Monteiro, his office, the chambers of his servants, a dressing room, a billiard room and a dinner room. Observing the palace from outside you can easily see that Quinta da Regaleira is a marvel of religious motives displayed on every corner of the monument. From all points of view, Quinta da Regaleira inspires wealth and elegance. Capela da Santissima Trinidade, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity with its mysterious crypt is one of the most appreciated spots of the Palace. Secret stairs, medieval towers, winding trails, exotic nature, these are only a few of the main elements describing Palace of Quinta da Regaleira. No wonder it was listed among UNESCO’ World Heritage Sites.

A historical point of view


Maybe we should have begun by presenting a little bit some of the historical moments that played an important part in the foundation of Quinta da Regaleira. This estate, built in the 18th century had many owners during the years. It is interesting the story of Monteiro dos Miloes, a Portuguese business man that got rich from coffee trade, brought from Brasil. He was impressed by Palacio da Pena, one of the biggest palaces in Portugal and ordered the construction of the present gardens. Starting with 1997, the palace is managed by the Sintra town hall. In the present time, a foundation, dedicated to the conservation and recovering of the national heritage has its headquarters in the Palace.

 During the year, important cultural events take place here, exhibitions and even concerts. Thus, it would be even better if you could start discovering Quinta da Regaleira near Sintra during a major event.

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