Discover Marvao – Part I



Marvao , this amazing village situated 2,900 feet above sea level will make you feel like you are living a fairytale mirage that you wish it never ends. To easiest way to discover Marvao is by car. From the Portuguese capital it will take you around two and a half hoursto get to the village, whereas from the closest major city inSpain, Sevilla, it is a three and a half hour drive. The road can have quite a lot of serpentines and might make your day more adventurous, but what is waiting for you at the end of this driving trip is not only spectacular but also unexpected and I would dare to say, quite dramatic.

First impression


“From Marvao one can see the entire land”, the 1998 Nobel Prize winner for literature was saying about this amazing place. Which was the expression that many visitors have used to describe their first encounter with Marvao? “It was love at first sight”.

Just imagine a giant stone wall, encircling not only this medieval village’s main landmark,MarvaoCastle, but also embracing every tidy house and lane, as if protecting them. It is the moment to get out of the car, breath the fresh mountaintop air and start walking.

Step by step

Now just take a look around! Isn’t this a breathtaking 360-degree view? If you look to the East you can admire the wheat-colored filed of Spain, if you look in the opposite direction, you’ll gaze upon the green hills that make their way towardLisbon.


When you feel that you have breathed every beauty of this moment, you know it is time to head towards the city’s downtown. You know that in order to truly discover Marvao you need to find out its history and where can you do this if not in the town museum, housed in a small, white-stone church? You will be amazed by the medieval tombstones, colorful walls of azueljos (brightly-hued tiles), wonderful pottery and a special room dedicated to a people that played an important role in this region’s history, the Jewish. What many local will tell you is that many of his ancestors have Jewish roots and that is because during the Middle Ages, this people has been highly persecuted in Spain. Their only escape had been this wonderful placed called Marvao, back then the Jewish refuge, nowadays the modern tourist escape from the crazy world.

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