Christmas in Evora

Christmas is without any doubt a special moment for all of us, it is a time for being better and more tolerant towards, it represents a magical time when everyting is possible if asked with an opened and truthful heart. Christmas is also the time to gather with your loved ones and make a wish for the next year.  If you wish to celebrate next Christmas in a wonder land, then I suggest you imagine Christmas in Evora. This is a great place, where you will feel the warmth of the holiday but at the same time you will be amazed by many popular Portuguese traditions that were passed from generation to generation over the time.

Christmas preparations

During Christmas time, you will discover Evora more crowed then usual. The athmosphere is a joyfull one, full of color, everybody having its unique part in this celebration. As you will see for yourself, the preparations for Christmas start from outside to inside: special Christmas lights are decorating the cobbled strrets, the restaurant and practically everything in the entire town.  Inside the houses you will discover the nativity scene (Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus), where the entire family gathers to celebrate the birth of Jesus, son of Virgin Mary. Christmas time is also a period for remembering those who are no longer with us. Thus, Evora inhabitants think of the alminhas a penar, the souls of the people who died. The tradition requirs that seeds and crumbs are spread in front of the fire place,  a symbol of prosperity for the year to come.

Christmas Eve

The celebration of Christmas is about to begin thus, the preparations are almost over. Christmas is also a celebration of the traditional Portuguese flavors. All the Portuguese goodies are served during Christmas, codfish, boiled potatoes, green vegetables, rabanadas (bread soaked in eggs and wine, with sugar that is fried afterwards).  The traditional Christmas desert is bolo rei (a round cake with fruits, nuts and sugar). It is interesting to know that every region has its own culinary particularities. Portuguese all over the world celebrate Christmas during the midnight mass, Missa do Galo.  The traditional drink is of course Portuguese wine and traditional liquor. For kids, the central moment of Christmas is receiving of presents. After the mass, people open their presents, found either under the Christmas tree or in their Christmas socks.

In the end, I would just like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, I hope Santa Clause managed to bring all of you everything you desired and I hope that next year you will consider celebrating Christmas in Evora. It will be for sure, one of the most unforgetable Christmas experience of your life.

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