Cheap flights to Portugal

Cheap flights to Portugal

The best price found for an airfare to Portugal is $446, for a American Airlines flight leaving from Boston. For fresher prices, in the previous 12 months $587 was the rate of the cheapest flight to Portugal found on our site; the flight was operated by Jet Airways, starting from Newark Liberty International in February, 2013. Taking in account average prices February is the least expensive time of the year to go to the area.

Airlines flying to Portugal

Totally 55 airline companies have flights in and to Portugal, 8 of these also operate flights within the country. TAP Portugal connects Portugal with as many as 36 countries and at the same time TAP Portugal links the country with 10 USA locations. 56 airlines fly to and from the country, out of these 55 operate flights to other countries and the rest operate internal flights only.

Airport info about the country

From the 14 airports in Portugal 6 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is the Lisbon Portela Airport in the capital city having 93 connections served by 45 airlines. You are able to fly to the country from 4 separate US airports in 4 different US locations. Hunt cheap flights to Portugal from the closest possible airport to your location via the above box.

Fun facts about airfares to Portugal

  • The airline companies with the highest number of internal flights are SATA Air Acores, TAP Portugal, SATA International, Air Transat and easyJet.
  • LIS airport, the biggest airport in the country hosts flights operated by 45 airlines.
  • Peak season in the country is around June to September every year, so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.
  • November to March is the time of off season in Portugal, so you can fly cheaper however it might be less eventful.
  • The shortest internal flight in the whole country is 16 miles long and it departs from Corvo Airport airport to Flores airport.

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