Braga festivals and events

Braga is a wonderful city, full of traditions and religious moments that are celebrated with great fast even in the present day. If you haven’t visited this city during Braga festivals and events, then let me tell you that you have missed a lot fun but most of all a significant display of this region’s rich culture.

Festivals during the Holly Week

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The Holly week or the week before Easter is celebrated all over the Christian world but in Braga the processions are really special. During this week, the city receives thousands of pilgrims from Portugal and from all over Europe.  The processions are rich in the symbolism and significance for Christianity, creating a feeling of membership to the entire community where they live. The ceremony starts with the priest that blesses each house with a crucifix and holly water. People are more than simple viewers, they are costumed and they hold torches in their hands reliving with great sorrow and solemnity Christ’s last moments: passion, death and resurrection. The most dramatic and emotional moment is when people walk behind the image of Christ crowned by thorns, the procession lasts till later in the night. The festival of resurrection celebrates the joy of the resurrection of Christ. The streets are decorated with flowers and colored ribbons.  This is definitely one of the most important of Braga festivals and events.

Braga- European Youth Capital of 2012

If you have not made any plans for next year then let me tell you that Braga was appointed the European Youth Capital of 2012. The city and its inhabitants pride themselves with such an honor and promise to charm everyone with unique cultural and educational programs, dedicated first of all to young people. According to the organizers, more than 13 thousand hours of activities, including more than 100 workshops and 90 seminars will be part of next year’s program. If you are visiting this region of Portugal you will have another great surprise: Guimarães (located a few miles from Braga) will be European Capital of Culture in 2012. The two cities will have the chance to collaborate closely and bring forward all it is best in the Portuguese traditional and modern culture. Thus, the timing could not be better for you to make the necessary preparations for a holiday to Portugal.

Wheatear you are a religious person or not, visiting Braga during Resurrection festival is quite an unforgettable experience. Thus, make sure you will be part of the ceremony.

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