Best restaurants in Tomar

After visiting so many wonderful places, you must be hungry. Therefore it is time to take a look at some of the best restaurants in Tomar. The advantages of serving a dish in a restaurant in such a small town are the accessible prices and the tasty home-made food. Also, the personnel are really friendly and patient, explaining how the food is prepared. Most of the restaurants serve Portuguese traditional food but you can also find restaurants with Italian or Chinese specialty.

Bela Vista

The first on my list is Bela Vista Restaurant. This is the perfect place during the summer time, when you can admire the city from a terrace, surrounded by multicolor flowers. You will for sure feel relaxed and eager to come back as soon as possible to Bela Vista. Let’s not forget however, the delicious Portuguese dishes the chef has in store for us. You should try seafood risotto, grilled pork and fish and of course deserts. You can also choose from various menus that include soups, main dish and the cake of the day. The restaurant prides itself with a large variety of wines and beers, perfect to complete a delicious meal.

O Estadio

Another excellent option for enjoying a Portuguese meal is at O Estadio. You can find it close to the Stadium on Rue da Fabrica de Fiacao. The price for a normal menu is approximately EUR 20. Among the best dishes I have ever tried here are salted cod, wild boar, eels cooked in red wine. The service is excellent and the owner was really nice, she came and asked us if we are having a good time.

O Tabuleiro

We end our list of the best restaurants in Tomar with a jewel of the Portuguese restaurants. Regardless of the restaurant guides you will check, O Tabuleiro will for sure be mentioned with high regards. This is a place for gathering with your dear ones but also for special occasions like romantic dinners. The chef changes the menu every day thus you will have the chance to discover many Portuguese dishes. By the way, I forgot to mention an important thing; the dishes are huge so you can share one with your partner. My personal recommendations are grilled fish with rice and chips, pork stew with beans, roasted lamb. Enjoy!

I do not know about you but I am starting to get really hungry after presenting so many delicious Portuguese specialties. You may not know it yet but after you have tried the Portuguese food you will feel like nothing will be taste the same again.

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