Best restaurants in Marvao


Marvao is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, alluring its visitors with a breathtaking natural landscape and spectacular fortified villages. But its charm does not stop here. This city can also brag with delicious food and tasty wines that complete the entire picture and make any tourist’s stay incredibly pleasant and wonderful.

Therefore, let’s find out which are the Best restaurants in Marvao:


1. Casa do Povo

It is a pity to leave a place without having tried its traditional food. Casa da Povo offers this experience to its visitors and I would dare to say that it does is really well. The traditional regional dishes are delicious, all the ingredients are fresh and the prices are not high at all. As an inconvenient I should mention that Casa do Povo does not offer vegetarian food and the menu is fixed, but if you can deal with these aspects, you will have a wonderful experience here.

If all this description convinced you to give it a try, then start looking for Rua de Cima, 7330-110 where the restaurant is located. And as a small tip: do try the grilled pork steak with salad and rice…it is amazing!


2. Ze Calha

Ze Calha has become so famous because of its roasted chickens that Spanish people who live at the border with Portugal come to Marvao only to buy this delicious dish. Located next to the roundabout of Portagem, near the bridge over the river pool, this place is basically a VIP restaurant in the region. Against expectations, the price for a roasted chicken is somewhere around US$10 and the staff serves it with such professionalism that the waiting time is quite reduced.


3. Albergaria El-Rei Dom Manuel

Albergaria El-Rei Dom Manuel actually belongs to the hotel bearing the same name. Besides the fact that it is centrally localized, this restaurant offers great food that you can enjoy alongside an impressive view. This place offers a wide variety of dishes from traditional food to Mediterranean one. The breakfasts, which are included in the room’s price, are quite consistent and varied. The waiters are really friendly and helpful and will do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. If you were to ask any local, the majority will mention this place among the Best restaurants in Marvao. Do not forget to order dessert as you cannot even imagine what you could be missing. I am not saying more now that I have your attention. You need to get there and stay opened to all possibilities.

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