Best restaurants in Evora

Celebrate these winter holidays in the wonderful and peaceful city of Evora, a great place for returning to the old traditions and being surrounded by the Christmas spirit. The experience will not be complete however without tasting a little bit of the Evora cuisine and trust me, during Christmas everything seems to taste even better than before. So, I give you my top 3 best restaurants in Evora, a personal choice from the time I visited this lovely place.

Dom Joaquim

Visiting Evora without stopping by and tasting some of Dom Joaquim goodies is really a pity. You will miss a lot of great dishes and not to mention the fantastic atmosphere. Everything is just the way it should be. If you do decided to try Dom Joaquim specialties, I recommend black pig stuffed with Portuguese sausage or various types of fish. But let’s not forget that the best is yet to come- a large variety of delicious homemade desserts served with the appropriate Douro wine- whether it is apple cake and nuts or cheese cake, the result is always full of satisfaction. And if you are wondering how much it costs for a three course menu then, the price is around EUR 25.

Botequim do mouraria

Located in the old Moorish quarter, Botequim do mouraria will impress you with its simplicity and charm. Though quite small (only 12 chairs at a corner) this restaurant (which looks more like a bar) comes into my mind every time I think of visiting Evora. Why? I spent here some nice evenings, accompanied by my friends, having delicious food, watching a football game or commenting impressions on our trip to Evora. The great thing about Botequim do mouraria is the welcoming and family atmosphere you discover the moment you set foot here. The restaurant is actually run by a family, Domingos is serving the food while his wife, Florbela, is dedicating all her care to cooking delicious and especially healthy food: homemade chips, baked local cheese, melon, sausages. Christmas is also celebrated at Botequim do mouraria in a unique manner. Only the best of the traditional Portuguese food for Christmas will be served with the best of thoughts from the Canelas family. If you are into old and rare types of wine, then Botequim do mouraria might be just the place to give these winter holidays a proper flavor. So, make sure you give it a try.

The list for the best restaurants in Evora is opened for suggestions. So, if you have been to Evora and found an incredible restaurant then, let us know. Until then, check out

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