Best resorts and spas in Portugal


Relaxing, enjoying your free time and feeling revitalized, these should be the key elements of a dream holiday. The perfect place to experience a well-disserved break from the stress of the daily existence and finding your inner balance are spas and resorts. The best resorts and spas in Portugal offer its guests outstanding facilities, professional staff and great atmosphere. Here are a few of the most appreciated relaxing places in Portugal.

Blue & Green Villalara Thalasa Resort


Famous for the top facilities it offers and also for the splendid setting, Blue& Green Vilalara Thalasa Resort is without any doubt the greatest reward one deserves after a busy day. Located by the sea, on Praia das Gaivotas cliff, this exclusive resort, spread over 12 hectares, combines the beauty and wildness of nature with an impressive Gaudi inspired architecture, designed for your comfort and relaxation. Villalara Thalasa Resort has 111 suites, 13 apartments, six outdoor pools, a kids club and two restaurants with the most exquisite and healthy cuisine. The resort offers its guests a large variety of activities from golf, tennis and a special social area where one can enjoy reading, watching television or playing different games. You cannot visit this marvelous place without spending some time in the splendid gardens that surround Villalara Thalasa Resort. The Spa center is equipped with the latest technology and the best coaches prepared to initiate you in yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, fitness or dancing classes. Each treatment and class has its own particularity, adequate for individual necessities. A true jewelry of spa and resorts centers, Blue&Green Villalara Thalasa Resorts is the ideal place to enjoy life to the fullest.


PraiaD’El Rey Marriot Golf & Beach Resort

If  Obidos, one of the most preserved medieval town in Europe represents an attraction on your traveling map then one must not miss the opportunity of experiencing the luxurious atmosphere created by Praia D’El Rey Marriot Resort, located on the Atlantic Coast. This 5 stars Golf &Beach resort is the perfect place for golf players in Europe, being placed on the 13th place out of 100 golf courses by Golf World Magazine. 170 rooms, 9 luxurious suites, equipped with Play Station 2, indoor and outdoor pools, Praia D’El Rey treats every guest like royalty. The Atlantic Coast Spa provides a variety of services like body scrub, relaxation massage, cosmetic treatments and therapy rituals that will definitely change your perspective of life. Praia D’El Rey Marriot Golf & Beach Resort is also the perfect place to celebrate the most important events in your life. The resort offers complete services for wedding planning, festive dinners or birthday parties. And trust me, it will be a party you will never forget!

These are only two of the best resorts and spas in Portugal, enough I hope, to determine you to plan a relaxing trip to this country just for the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of nature combined with the tranquility of a serene life. More details and suggestions for choosing the best resorts and spas can be found on

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