Best rated accommodation places in Tomar


No matter how beautiful a destination is or how many interesting things it will reveal, if your visiting experience is not a pleasant one, then you might leave that place with bitter memories, that might make you want to forget that trip. That is why all details, from accommodation to means of transportation are important and should be carefully selected. Therefore, here are the best rated accommodation places in Tomar:


1. Hotel dos Templarios

This hotel is definitely the best choice that you can make in terms of best rated accommodation places in Tomar. At your arrival you will be impressed by a large, L shaped building and wonderful marble floors. The rooms are huge and if you are lucky enough, you might be offered the rooms with huge balconies, facing a breathtaking view towards the town and the castle/church. The delicious buffet breakfast is included in the room rate and the parking is free of charge.

As a disadvantage, the hotel does not provide its customers with free internet, but once arrived to the downtown you will come across plenty of places offering such services at quite a low price. Depending on what type of budget you are travelling on, you might find this hotel quite expensive, but you can rest reassured that it deserves every cent.


2. Residencial Uniao

If you were to compare Residencial Uniao with the first hotel suggested, the first thing that should be mentioned is the convenient location. Residencial Uniao is situated in the centre of the historical district and a short distance from the bus or train station. Although in the heart of the main landscapes, the area is quite peaceful and quiet. What most of the visitors will notice is the helpful and friendly staff that will do their best to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. The prices are reasonable and respect the services offered by the hotel.


3. Hotel Residencial Trovador

Most people would describe Hotel Residencial Trovador as a basic hotel, right across the street of the bus and train station. You might not be impressed by the design and architecture of the rooms and bathrooms, but everything is clean and at a good value for price. The area where the hotel is located is quiet so you will have no noise troubles and just a walking distance away you can enjoy delicious dinners at one of the best restaurants in the city. The parking is free and the staff is helpful and friendly.

Now that you have all the details, just chose whatever suits you best.

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