Best places to visit in Porto district

There are plenty of reasons for having a holiday in Porto city: the exciting nightlife, the amazing monuments that survived the passing of time and the tasty food but few know that outside the city, inside Porto district are some great attractions points that should not be missed. Best places to visit in Porto district are Vila do Conde, Espinho, Motosinhos, Amarante.

Vilado Conde

Located in the metropolitan area of Porto, Villa do Conde is actually one of the oldest areas in the north of Portugal, dating back to the 100,000 to 15,000 years. You can get to Villa do Conde very quickly as it s only 27 km from Porto and the transportation network is very developed (metro line and buses). After arriving in Villa do Conde, make a stop at the Convent of Santa Clara, built in the 14th century (where you can admire the magnificent Manueline, Gothic and Baroque architecture) and at Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia (Our lady of the Guide), founded in the 10th century which displays unique tile motives and biblical scenes painted on the roof of the monument. Villa do Conde is also an attraction for the surfers and sun-worshiper. The most popular and beautiful seaside resorts in Villa do Conde are Praia de Nossa Senhora da Guia or Praca da Republica.


Located in Minhoregion, this 4th century settlement is without any doubt a great place for taking some time off from the crowed cities, a place where you can relax and enjoy the wonders of the nature. The main visiting point of this ancient city is the 16th century São Gonçalo monastery connected to the other part of the town by Ponte São Gonçalo Bridge. The monastery was named after Saint São Gonçalo, who blessed this town with his affection, no wonder that part of the name of Amarante (amar) means love.

Vila Nova de Gaia

Located on the bank of Douro River, at approximately 2 kilometers from Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia is one of the most appreciated destinations for wine tasters and for the numerous lodges, the places where the wine is stored, some for more than 300 years. Can you imagine that there are more than 50 companies that have their headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia. Some of the most welcoming lodgers are Sandeman (dating from the 18th century) and Taylor’s offering special information programs for tourists and of course the long expected wine tasting.


As you could read in “Best places to visit in Porto district”, there are many unique and charming spots around Porto city, some of them better known than others, so if you feel like embarking in a journey to Porto, make sure you will spend some time in Amarante, Villa do Conde or Villa Nova de Gaia!

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