Best places to see in Aveiro

Aveiro by night, ©joelsantos/Flickr

The breathtaking town of Aveiro is situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the central region of Portugal. . It is mostly visited for its canals which are very much similar to those in Venice of Italy. Actually, Aveiro is often called “Venice of Portugal” because of its channels and gondola-shaped boats. Aveiro has an intriguing history, which is partly told by the ancient buildings still standing around the area. So no matter which you choose, sunbathing on the amazing sandy beaches, taking a gondola-boat on a ride or heading downtown to have fun, you will not regret it. Here are some tips for what you should see when you visit Aveiro:

Religious Architecture

The Church of Our Lady of Mercy, known as Igreja da Misericórdia is a charming religious structure in Aveiro. The building was constructed in the second half of the 16th century which has a beautiful façade ornamented with traditional white and blue tile work. The entrance boasts with nice Renaissance features and the interior is colored by a fine selection of azulejos.

Igreja da Misericórdia in Aveiro, ©endless autumn/Flickr

The Covent of Jesus, also called Convento de Jesus was established in the 15th century. The convent was formerly Domincian and is often associated with St. Joan, a very influential Portuguese princess. St. Joan had been devoted to religion her entire life. In 1472 she joined the convent and lived there until the day she died. The tomb in which her body rests is sculpted of marble and can be visited to this day. The convent is decorated with beautifully detailed motifs in Baroque style. Its cloisters inspired by the Renaissance, Manueline portals and Mannerist chapels are also part of this amazing historical monument.

Reminders and legacies of the past

The Museum of Vista Alegre is famous for its porcelain and a great example for Portuguese traditional ceramics. The museum is located in the factory where the ceramics are produced. The delicate artworks are attractions in a high demand. Inside the museum you can view the very first pieces made in the factory, take a glimpse at old designs and you also have the opportunity to learn about the tools that create these wonderful porcelain pieces.

Aveiro by night, ©joelsantos/Flickr

The Museum of Aveiro is situated within the Convent of Jesus. The building is considered to be one of the most important sacred arts museums in Portugal. The museum has on display Portuguese paintings from the 17th and 18th century, jewelry, valuable relics, vestments, detailed tile work and elegantly chiseled gold figures.

When nature calls

The Dunas de São Jacinto nature reservation is situated at the tip of the peninsula. It is a highly acclaimed natural site in Portugal. Flora and fauna has inhabited its unspoiled lagoons, sand dunes and marshes since the second half of the 70’s, when the place was inaugurated. The place is a very popular sanctuary for birds. Do not miss out! Experience this inspiring reservation by wandering through walking trails and enjoying a wonderful trip on a moliceiro boat.

Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto, ©ines saraiva/Flickr

If you are tired after a long walk of sightseeing and visiting museums, we recommend you stop by the Infante D. Pedro Park a place of peace and beauty. You can wander around the abundant gardens or take a soothing boat ride and row along the calm lagoon. You can also visit the Hunting and Fishing museum which is situated within the park.

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