Beaches in Obidos and nearby

The tourists that choose to visit Obidos have a lot of possibilities to have fun or to relax. For example, the local beaches or those situated in the area are known as being some of the most beautiful in Europe. More than their golden sands and blue waters, most of these beaches have a great particularity. Here you can have the privacy that we all search for and even more important you’ll have tranquility, even in the height of the season, due to the fact that the area is not well known by the tourists. If you still are not convinced by the beauty of this area, I’ll present you Beaches in Obidos and nearby:

The Beaches of the Silver Coast

The Silver Coast of Portugal (Costa de Prata) stretches north from Lisbon to Fiqueira da Foz and it has top beaches in Europe, which are famous for their cleanliness and their views. The name of Silver Coast comes from the effect that the sun has on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The most important beach in the region and one of the most beautiful spots of the west coast of Portugal is considered to be the Obidos Lagoon. Besides the fact that it is one of the largest lakes on the continent, the lagoon is appreciated for its softly and clear sand and the gentle water. It is also a perfect place for the whole family to spend its holiday. Here you can go strolling, sightseeing, fishing, windsurfing or sailing. In the lagoon there are also a lot of cafes or restaurants, where you can try the local cuisine and traditional Portuguese food. If you want to go much further than the lagoon of Obidos, you must know that it extends through two branches: Braco do Bom Succeso in West and Braco do Barossa in East.

The Silver Coast has a lot of beaches other than Obidos Lagoon, popular ones or quieter spots, depending on what you are looking for. For example, Foz de Arelho is situated in the north side of the lagoon and it is a popular beach, mostly on Sunday. It has a very large lagoon, which is perfect for families. If you are into surfing, the beach of Peniche is the right place for you to come, because it has a large stretch of wilder coast. Here there are surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing schools. I recommend you also the beaches of Sao Martinho, Nazare, Legua or Consolacao, where you’ll have great conditions for treating some diseases, such as rheumatism.

Hopefully Beaches in Obidos and nearby got your interest in spending your vacation on the South Coast of Portugal because you will not regret it!

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