Batalha’s gastronomy and wine-growing

The gastronomy is a very important part of the travel experience, because it can help you discover better the country that you visit. What speaks better about the locals than the food that they eat? And for everything to be in its place, a good food is associated with a good wine. Therefore, your vacation will be a real success if you choose a location that has both a traditional cuisine and an appreciated wine region. The town of Batalha is the answer of all your questions. In order to convince you of our local special flavors, I’ll present you Batalha’s gastronomy and wine-growing: 

The local cuisine

The local gastronomy of Batalha is influenced by the Alta Estremadura region, so it is based mostly on fish, but it has also special characteristics, such as sauces or spices. From the specialties with meat I’ll present you only two:  Tachadeu, which means fried pork in clay pot, and Morcela de Arroz, which represents a black pudding made with rice. It is well known in the entire Alta Estremadura region and that’s why there are over 20 different interpretations of this specialty. Its main ingredients are the pork, the onion and the garlic. In Batalha, Morcela de Arroz has an intense flavor and aroma. Obviously, the desserts don’t miss from the local gastronomy. If you come in this town you should not leave without tasting the typical cakes Bolos de Ferradura, Cavacas do Ruguengo do Fetal or Bolos de Palma de Perna. 

The wine-growing in Batalha

The Batalha’s wine cellar is situated close to the main objective of the town, the Monastery of Santa Maria da Victoria. The wine production in this area is influenced by the diversified landscapes, soil and mild climate. The quality of the Batalha wine is very appreciated in the entire Alta Estremadura region. Because of the special attention that the locals give to their wine production, in Batalha exists a Wine Club Circunstancia (circumstance in english). It was opened in September 2006 for all those who love this beverage. The Club has over 500 wines, most of them coming from Douro, located in the north of Portugal, and Alentejo, from the southern of the country.

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Hopefully, I managed to get your interest in coming in this town and in tasting the local specialties and wines. Your curiosity will be definitely pleased by the great number of restaurants from Batalha.

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