Attractions nearby Albufeira

If you are planning on visiting Albufeira, it would be a good idea to get informed on what you could visit near this city, too. Attractions nearby Albufeira will offer you some tips on the best destinations to check out while enjoying the beautiful Algarve. I would advise you to rent a car and travel from village to village, stopping and relaxing on a desert beach or climbing the surrounding cliffs and rocks.


Located 45 kilometers east from Albufeira, Faro is a good spot for those who want to take an afternoon excursion. Reaching Faro is pretty easy even if you do not have a car as the city has an airport (many low cost airlines have an office here), a seaport and a railway station. The main attraction in Faro is Ria Formosa Lagoon: a unique place in the entirePortugal, a 170 square kilometersNaturalPark, home to various species of birds and flora. For the price of EUR 12, you can admire all the beauty offered by this protected lagoon landscape on a boat tour. Faro is also host to a number of important festivals (cultural and artistic ones) and sports competitions that attract tourists from all around Europe. The motorcycle fans are probably familiar with Faro International Motorcycle Rally.


Unfortunately there are not many people who have heard of Silves. And that is a real shame as inside the city, tourists have the possibility of admiring one of the most preserved castles in Portugal, from the Moors’ occupation period. Silves can be reached in 30 minutes by car as it is only 32 kilometers north-west from Albufeira. Silves Castle, built from red sandstone blocks and taipa dates back to the 8th century. You can visit this wonderful place every day from 9 am to 6 pm, the price for a ticket being EUR 1.25. Since you are in Silves, it would be a shame not to stop by at Igreja Misericordia Church, an astonishing spiritual monument built in the 16th century. The church impresses the tourists with its Manueline style depicting maritime motifs from the times of Vasco de Gama, Pedro Cabral and Henry the Navigator. Inside the church you can admire seven paintings that illustrate the seven works of mercy. If you are thinking of visiting this area, there are again, some boat trips along Rio Arade that will definitely make this short trip absolutely perfect.


There are many attractions nearby Albufeira: Portimao, Lagoa, Lagos and Cape of St Vincent are only a few of them that should be visited besides the ones I just presented. You just need to pick the destinations where you want to go and make the best out of them. Have fun!

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