An adventurer’s guide to Setubal


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An adventurer’s guide to Setubal is all that you need before coming to the city. It will help you to understand better the Setubal’s history and it will prepare you for the wonderful journey that expects you. If you don’t know already, the city of Setubal is situated about50 kilometers far from Lisbon and it is the third port of Portugal. It is also a major industrial center, but this doesn’t mean thatSetubal is not an attractive location. Because it is and you will see that if you decide to visit it. All these being said, let’s begin our guide:

Basic information about Setubal

According to a legend, the city of Setubal was founded by Tubal, the son of Cain. I can’t give you more information about the history of Setubal, but I can tell you what this city represents nowadays. Therefore, you should know that Setubal is the seat of the Setubal District. Also, it is a very important industrial fishing city, mostly sardines. That because it is located on the northern bank of the Sado river estuary and opposite the peninsulaof Troia. So, once arrived in Setubal you don’t have to leave it without tasting the wonderful fish dishes. You will love them, trust me. Besides fish, Setubal is well known in the whole world for its muscatel wine.

Things to be seen in Setubal

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Even if Setubalis an industrial city, it has many attractions for the visitors. Actually, the municipality develops the tourism each year. Here there are a lot of objectives that will get your interest. There are beaches or parks, if you are the type who prefers to relax during their vacations or there are museums, churches, fountains or gardens for those who like to walk and to observe the beauties of a place. Strolling in Setubal will be easy because of the pedestrian streets. As you can see you have a lot of activities to do in Setubal, activities for all the family and for everyone’s taste. Therefore, it is hard not to be pleased in Setubal.

Hopefully, An adventurer’s guide to Setubal helped you to make an impression about the beauty of this city and that it convinced you to spend one of your vacations here. If these information weren’t enough you can search for more on

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