Albufeira nightlife

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Albufeira then, for sure you will also need some tips on the best place to hang out and have a good time. When the sun sets, all the tourists exchange the beauty of the beach with the vibration of the lively Albufeira nightlife. Mostly located in the newest part of the city, the variety of restaurants, bars and club overwhelm everyone who comes to Strip.


There are many great restaurants in Albufeira that will impress you with their fantastic atmosphere, excellent food and irreproachable services but Dom Carlos can without any doubt conquer the first place. What do I love the most about this restaurant? Well let’s start with the services: the cook is pleased to come to his guest’s table and explain where the raw food comes from or how the food is made. A 5 dish menu costs EUR 39 but you have never tasted something as good as Don Carlos’s food. Perfect for celebrating anniversaries or special occasions, Dom Carlos has only one flaw- you can never find a free table if you do not book in advance. Another great place in Albufeira is. More laid back, with a large area of menus starting with burgers to fancy foods, all served in a special atmosphere, Johnny Hooper’s Saxophone Bistro is the perfect choice for those who enjoy live music.



Albufeira nightlife cannot be completed without a short stop to some of the most popular bars and clubs in this paradise resort. And the possibilities are unlimited. Tourists till 25-30 years old will find Strip the paradise of nightlife. In Coyote Bar, Vegas Bar or Matt’s Bar, happy hours are the most expected moments of the night. You can drink beers for EUR 1. Beer after beer, bar after bar, midnight came too quickly. If you want to paint the town in red, then you will also be eager to discover the rhythms of nightclubs. Kadoc, Libero and Kiss are among Albufeira’s most popular nightclubs. We can change a little bit the rhythm and experience the nightlife in the old part of the city, Domino’s place being a great choice for the beginning of the night. If you want to save time and decide easier on what clubs and bars to visit, now you have the possibility to check them out online. On you will find details on the best places to eat in town and party till dawn.


Regardless of your age or of your finances, Albufeira nightlife has something special in store for everybody. Try to be open minded and flexible to the various options and most of all have fun!

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