Accommodation tips in Evora

As we mentioned in our previous post, New Year’s Eve in Portugal represents an extraordinary moment not only for the Portuguese people but also for tourists. Portugal is quite visited during this time of year thus, it might be a problem for some of you to find an appropriate place to dwell during your holiday. I chose the subject on accommodation tips Evora for this article because the Christian traditions and the beauty of the winter holidays attract many people from all over the world therefore, information on accommodation could come in handy.

Booking ahead, a great idea

You have decided to spend your winter holidays in Evora at the last minute. Feel confused and extremely stressed for not knowing what to do, no problem we will find a great solution for you. Try checking some of the Portuguese sites on tourism and accommodation. Though they might not be as popular as, many offers can be of help in terms of finances and variety., might be a good way to start your perfect accommodation. If you do not know which is the best hotel or hostel in Evora or you do not know whether their presentations are truly accurate, then, try looking them up on This is actually a site where tourists from all over the world express their likes and dislikes, their enthusiasm or disdain on different accommodation locations.

My personal choices

I have been in Evora for many times. This city, more than 2000 years old impresses tourists with its monumental and historical sites and of course with the preservation of ancient Portuguese traditions and customs. I always feel connected with the past of our ancestors, with what is important to the Portuguese people when I am visiting Evora. Returning to our accommodation tips in Evora, I have always chosen small and intimate places, where I can feel the warmth of the people and their joy in receiving us. Posada De Evora Lois Hotel is among my favorite places, the hotel was actually a former convent being located really close to the city center. It is a jewel of the architectural monuments of Evora. Wonderful atmosphere, delicious and various foods, friendly personal and complete services, these are the main attributes of Albergaria do Calvario. This hotel was recommended to me by a friend and he was absolutely right, this is a magical spot to spend your holiday in Evora. The prices/room can start at EUR 70 and reach EUR 130, depending on the conditions you ask for but it is worth it.

I hope Accommodation tips in Evora managed to give you some clues on where to find the best places to live during your visit in Evora.

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