Accommodation in Porto

Visiting Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal is definitely a life time experience. You will instantly fall in love with this vibrant place that offers memorable surprises every step of the way. From the historical monuments, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage to its colorful nightlife, Porto is definitely a city to be visited as often as possible. If you have already started planning your budget for a holiday in Porto and you have bought the plane tickets you must be wondering how hard it is to find an accommodation in Porto that matches all your requests and living standard.

Five stars hotels

If money is not a problem for you and you just want to relax and enjoy Porto in a lavishing place, then, you should definitely try one of the most luxurious hotels in Porto. Located right in the heart of the city, Hotel Porto Palácio is a modern and luxurious hotel that treats every client as royalty, creating the perfect conditions for enjoying a holiday in a palace. The hotel has a spa, several high class restaurants, lounges and of course health and fitness club. The price for one deluxe room is approximately EUR 150 per night. If you appreciate more the best international brands, then you will definitely find a room to match your tastes at the new built Sheraton Hotel & Spa, where the price of a room can go up to EUR 156. You can find more details on the 122 hotels in Porto, their availability period and the prices of the rooms on

Hostels and bed & breakfast

For some, the places where they stay during their holiday are far less important than the locations they are going to visit. For those who do not have a large budget at their disposal or they would rather spend less for the accommodation and more for exploring as many attractions sights as possible, Porto has many hostels and bed& breakfast facilities located right in the center of the city. You can easily find a room in a hostel from EUR10 per night, some great choices being Porto Spot Hostel, Eden House, Oporto Poets Hostel or Gallery Hostel. Those who are young or have a young spirit will check out for sure more closely the best hostels in Porto. The best part about staying in a hostel is the possibility of increasing your social networks and getting to know interesting people from all around the world.

Regardless of your budget or of your living standards, you needn’t worry as the possibility of finding something you will like is really high. So, enjoy your time in this Portuguese holiday and forget about the problem of finding accommodation in Porto.

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