A tour of the most interesting museums in Braga

One of the most captivating ways of knowing the history, the culture and the achievements of a city over the years is by visiting museums. A tour of the most interesting museums in Braga invites you to discover three cultural institutions representative for the development of this city: Regional Archaeological Museum, Image Museum and Stringed Instrument Museum (Museu dos Cordofones).

Regional Archaeological Museum

If you find yourself for the first time in Braga, willing to discover as much of this town, about its history and religious achievements than it might be a good idea to visit the RegionalArchaeologicalMuseum. Founded in 1918 the museum presents impressive collections of archeological finds from the Paleolithic times (funerary objects, ornaments), Roman period and Middle Ages, displayed in four rooms. The museum prides itself especially with a huge milestone with Latin inscription (miliarios in Latin) from the Roman times. The museum was moved in a new and modern building in 2007 right in the center of the former Roman City of Bracara Augusta.  The admission fee is only 3 Euro.


Are you passionate about photography? Well, it might be a good idea to stop by the most important museum dedicated to photography in Portugal. Image Museum or Museu da Imagem was built from 1772 to 1773 by Andre Soares. The galleries present images from classical and contemporary Portuguese photographers but there are also several special exhibits that frequently change. Worth admiring are not only the collections but also the buildings that host them. This 19th century building attracts the eye of the tourists with a stunning red façade. You can easily find Image Museum close to the New City Gate – the Arco da Porta Nova.

Stringed Instrument Museum

We remain in the fascinating area of cultural spots and visit another appealing museum dedicated this time to music and music instruments. StringedInstrumentMuseum:  Museu dos Cordofones  is included in A tour of the most interesting museums in Braga, being located in Tebosa, which is 12 kilometers from Braga. The museum opened in 1995, has vast and rare collections of instruments (guitars, violas, mandolins) from different history periods: Middle Ages and Modern times. The most noticeable pieces are Cavaquinhos. If you are curious to find out how these musical masterpieces are created then make sure you visit the workshops of master Domingos Machado where he magically builds and repairs the music instruments.

Though a small town, Braga has a lot of things to offer to its tourists especially in the cultural sector: museums, festivals and artistic manifestations are meant to enrich the life of the inhabitants and make even pleasant the holidays of the tourists.

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