A short tour guide of Tomar

If you are passionate about history and if the stories about the adventures of the Templar Knights are among your favorites, then, the post A short tour guide of Tomar will surely be appreciated. Why? Well, it was in the 12 century that the Templers built their first castle in this part of Portugal, which is located approximately 85 miles from Lisbon. The castle served also as a defense against the foreign attacks. The city became truly important for Portugal during the expansion of Henry, the Navigator. What you probably do not know is that Henry the Navigator was Master of the Order of Christ (an organization that succeeded the Templers).  A town with such interesting and solid background cannot be anything else than absolutely fascinating for tourists.

Tomar, between history and myth

Many legends and mythical stories were told about Tomar. Some of them include elements of supernatural, others, mysterious secrets. Wheatear to believe them or not, this is up to you, but my duty as a teller is to give you as many details so that you could judge it for yourself. If you are into phenomena that cannot be explained, I recommend passing by the Theater of Paraiso. The theater is supposed to be haunted. Another legend speaks of a cursed castle, where several bad things happened over the years: from supposed love stories that ended tragically to suicides and suspicious deaths, the Castle of Almourol is a place to be visited with great care if you do believe in these kinds of things.

Main touristic attractions in Tomar

You cannot come to Tomar without visiting the Castle and the Convent of Christ, their foundation started in the 12 century and it was completed in the 16th. This is the most important monument in Tomar also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. You should not miss out on one of the oldest buildings in Tomar, the Church of Maria do Olival. The church was built in the 12 century by the order of the Knights Templar in Portugal. On top of everything else, Tomar is a city where you can relax and take it easy, trying to appreciate the smallest but important things in life, such as the wonderful displays of art and architecture. At the same time, people are extremely nice and always eager to help everybody thus, the atmosphere could not be better.

A short tour guide of Tomar tried to introduce you into a magical and mythical atmosphere and to encourage you to discover for yourself some of the major monuments in Portugal that can be visited in this region.

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