A short guide to Porto nightlife

Every time I come to Porto, I like to sense the vibration of the city and take my time to experience a bit of everything: nothing compares to a stroll in the wonderful gardenof Palacio do Cristal or admiring the city from the top of Clerigol Tower. But my favorite part is Porto nightlife with all its glittering wonders: charming bars, fancy restaurants, cozy or glamorous clubs. Everyone can choose what they prefer, but never forget about trying the famous local icon, Porto Wine.

Best restaurants in town

Well, I do not know about you but going to a restaurant in a city you visit for a first time is really an unforgettable experience. You have so many choices and you can never seem to make up your mind. Well, here are some of the best restaurants that Porto has to offer. Chez Lapin receives its guests in a casual and family atmosphere  with a diverse cuisine that includes more than 40 types of dishes: lamb, fish and Portuguese traditional food. Try salt code with octopus, it is their specialty. If you are planning for something exquisite and elegant (a bit expensive too) then, Dom Tonho is the best and the most known restaurant on Porto riverfront. Imagine that Fidel Castro itself and the former French President, Chirac were former clients of this place.

Enjoying a glass of wine in Porto’s bars

No visit to this lovely city can be fully complete and memorable without tasting at least one glass of the famous Porto wine. It is impossible to find a bar in Porto that does not have it on the menu but you should really check out Solar Do Vinho do Porto that offers a large variety of Porto wines, some really vintage and as a plus, you will also admire a superb view over Douro. The most spectacular bars in Porto, that will satisfy any taste are displayed along the riverside, on Ribeira neighborhood, which is also one of the oldest part of Porto. But Porto is not only about wine as many of the Portuguese people also enjoy drinking a cerveja (beer). If you are thinking of painting the town in red, make a stop first to the Republica da Cerveja, located in Cais da Gaia. Ego Lounge, Triplex or View are also some of the best choises you may have in what regardsPorto bars.

Most popular clubs

After a few beers or glasses of wine you cannot go home as “the night is young and so are we”, right? Those who want to experience life to the fullest in Portohave many clubs to select from. Industria, Estado Novo or Twins are some of the most popular dance clubs in the city. If you feel like listening to live music then, pass by Vila Nova de Gaia or 288 “Rua Rei Ramiro”. You should know that most clubs are opened between11 p.m to 4 a.m but around midnight the atmosphere really starts to heat up.

Porto nightlife is really fascinating and full of surprises and it represents an attraction point itself for many of the tourists. So make sure you come here with plenty of energy as you will definitely need it!

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