A shopping trip to Portugal


Who doesn’t like to go shopping? Whether it is for relaxing purposes, for having fun or for practical reasons, shopping in a foreign country is without any doubt one of the most looked for activities during one’s holidays. Of course, Portugal and its fascinating cities makes no exception. Regardless of the objects you want to buy, from cloths, bags, clocks or traditional objects, the biggest cities in Portugal have a lot of surprises in store for you. So start planning a shopping trip to Portugal!

Shopping tips


Before planning your shopping trip to Portugal, there are a few things that might come in handy to you. First of all chose your shopping period very carefully as there can be some great opportunities that you must not miss. The perfect period to go shopping in Portugal is during sales week-ends, taking place especially at the end of the winter season (in February) and summer season (in August), when the prices can go down to 50% of their initial value. The best shops, outlets and markets in Portugal are mainly located in Lisbon and Porto, but smaller areas like Algarve can surprise you with interesting and unique outlets and also traditional handicrafts. Most of the shops are opened Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 7 pm, with a lunch break from 1 pm to 3 pm, while on Saturday, shops are opened only a few hours in the morning. For those interested in banking transactions or currency exchange rates, an essential piece of information is the opening schedule. Most of the banks in Portugal are opened from 8.30 till 3 pm and closed during national holidays and important events.

Best shops inPortugal


You cannot visit Lisbon without stopping by at Chiado quarter, the place where the best and most famous brands are displayed for the exclusive clients. Chiado area was ranked on the 9th place in the category of the most prestigious places in the world, mainly for the quality of the services it offers to its visitors. If you prefer alternative fashion and creative pieces of clothing then, Bairro Alto with its bohemian commercial streets Rua do Norte and Rua de Atalaia is the place to be and to shop. Another impressive place for shopping is without any doubt, Porto. The spot where the Portuguese fashion trend is established and where the most renowned designers present their creations, Porto has a lot of surprises in store for you. From Norteshopping Center in Matosinhos where one can find the best deals in the city to Avis area where the most glamorous brands can be discovered,Porto is a fashion wonder for every type of budget.


These are only a few of the most popular shopping places in Portugal, famous in Europe for the quality of the products they offer, for the good prices and flawless services. A shopping trip to Portugal is the best decision one could take especially during sales periods, so do not waste more time and book your plain tickets to this wonderful country.

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