A guided tour to Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands represent a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean made up of four major islands: Island of Madeira, Island of Porto Santo, Desertas and the Selvagens. The biggest and the most visited island is Madeira (more than 1 million tourists decide to spend their holidays here every year) with its capital at Funchal. This exotic paradise can be accessed from the major cities in Europe, Brazil, Venezuela as both Funchal and Vila Baleira (the capital of Porto Santo) have airports. Also, if you are thinking of discovering the beauties and the exquisite landscape of both of the islands, you can always take a ferry or a plane. If you are in pursuit of a dream holiday, a perfect spot where you can lay back and enjoy the beauty of the nature, where you can discover something new every step of the way, then a guided tour to Madeira Islands will surely give you some ideas


Get away from the crowded and gray atmosphere of the urban areas and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the sunny and fascinating Madeira Islands. Whether you decide to stay in Island of Madeira or in the Island of Porto Santo, you have many resorts that provide only the best services for their guests. Keep in mind that Madeira Islands are one of the most visited areas in Portugal so you should better book in advance your accommodation. Among the most appreciated and high class resorts in Madeira Island are Enotel Lido Madeira, Reid’s Palace, Pestana Casino Park while Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort &Spa or Torre Praia Hotel in Porto Santo will definitely make your stay more pleasant in these stunning spots.

Touristic Attractions

Plan your trip to Madeira Islands very carefully as there are many surprises waiting to be discovered. If you are looking for a tranquil holiday where you can relax and forget about the daily worries then, start your day on the beach and do not forget to test the calm and clear waters. But if your looking for adventure and excitement there are plenty of activities that could satisfy your thirst for adrenaline: surfing, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing or even diving. Who knows, maybe you will also find an ancient sunken ship. But Madeira is not only the land of the sunny beaches and sea sports, you can also engage on a conquest trip on top of the volcanic mountains and hills where you will discover exotic subtropical vegetation, such as rain forests, Laurisilva forests (A World Heritage Site), an amazing biodiversity and unique bird species.


There are so many exciting things to do in Madeira that you would need an entire year to explore and enjoy them But I know that a holiday does not last forever, therefore I hope a guided tour to Madeira Islands could give you some useful tips on what is worth seeing in these beautiful parts of Portugal.

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